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Civil War Battles Timeline
There were more than 10,000 Civil War Battles including major battles, small conflicts and minor skirmishes. The major conflicts are detailed on the Civil War Battles Timeline such as those fought at the battlefields of Fort Sumter, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, Bull Run, Antietam, the Wilderness, Cold Harbor and Gettysburg.
 The Civil War Battles Timeline provides the dates and results of the major conflicts fought by soldiers of the Confederacy and the Union during the bloody, bitter American Civil war (1861-1865).

Civil War BattlesThe Civil War

Civil War Battles Timeline
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th American President who served in office from March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865. This article provides facts and information about the major Civil War Battles in a detailed Timeline format.

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1861 Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline in 1861 are detailed in a timeline format with dates and events on the following chart:

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1861 History Timeline

Civil War Battles Timeline1861April TimelineApril 12 Attack on Fort Sumter - Confederates under Gen. Pierre Beauregard open fire - start of the Civil War
Civil War Battles Timeline1861July TimelineJuly 2 Union victory Hoke's Run
July 5, 1861 Confederate victory Carthage
July 11, 1861 Union victory Rich Mountain
July 18, 1861 Confederate victory Bull Run / Blackburn's Ford
July 21, 1861 Confederate Triumph First Manassas / First Bull Run
The coast of the Confederacy is subject to a blockade
Civil War Battles Timeline1861AugustAugust 10 Confederate victory Wilson's Creek / Oak Hills
Civil War Battles Timeline1861SeptemberSeptember 2 Confederate victory Dry Wood Creek / Battle at of the Mules
September 10 Union victory Carnifex Ferry
September 12-15 Union victory Cheat Mountain Summit
September 13-20 Confederate victory Lexington / Battle at of the Hemp Bales
September 17 Confederate Triumph Liberty / Blue Mills Landing
September 19 Confederate victory Barbourville
Civil War Battles Timeline1861OctoberOctober 3 Inconclusive battle Greenbrier River / Camp Bartow
October 9 Union victory Santa Rosa Island
October 21 Union Triumph Camp Wildcat
October 21 Union victory Fredericktown
October 21 Confederate Triumph Ball's Bluff
October 25 Union victory 1861 Springfield / Zagonyi's Charge
Civil War Battles Timeline1861NovemberNovember 7 Union victory Belmont
November 7 Union victory warships fire on Fort Walker and Fort Beauregard.
November 8-9 Union victory Ivy Mountain
Civil War Battles Timeline1861DecemberDecember 9 Confederate victory Chusto-Talasah / Caving Banks
December 13 Inconclusive Battle at Camp Allegheny
December 17 Inconclusive Battle at Rowlett's Station
December 20 Union Triumph Dranesville
December 26 Confederate victory Chustenahlah
December 28 Union victory Mount Zion Church

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1861 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1862 Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline in 1862 are detailed in a timeline format on the following chart:

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1862 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline1862JanuaryJanuary 3 Inconclusive Battle at Cockpit Point
January 5-6 Inconclusive Battle at Hancock / Romney Campaign
January 8 Union victory Roan's Tan Yard / Silver Creek
January 10 Union victory Middle Creek
January 19 Union victory Mill Springs
Civil War Battles Timeline1862FebruaryFebruary 6 Union victory Gen. Ulysses S. Grant Fort Henry
February 11-16 Union victory Gen. Ulysses S. Grant Fort Donelson
February 7-8 Union Triumph Roanoke Island / Fort Huger
February 20-21 Confederate victory Valverde, New Mexico
February 25: Nashville is first Confederate state capital to fall to Union troops
Civil War Battles Timeline1862MarchThe Peninsular Campaign begins
March 6-8 Union victory Pea Ridge
March 8-9 Monitor vs. Virginia (Merrimack), Inconclusive Battle of the Ironclads
March 14 Union Triumph New Berne
March 23 Union victory Kernstown
March 23-April 26 Union victory Fort Macon
March 26-28 Union Triumph Glorieta Pass
Civil War Battles Timeline1862April TimelineApril 5-May 4 Inconclusive Battle at Yorktown
April 6-7 Union victory Shiloh - Massive casualties on both sides
April 8 Union victory New Madrid
April 10-11 Union victory Fort Pulaski
April 16-28 Union victory Fort Jackson
April 19 Inconclusive Battle at South Mills
April 25–May 1 Union victory New Orleans
April 29-June 10 Union victory Corinth
Civil War Battles Timeline1862May TimelineMay 5 Inconclusive Battle at Williamsburg
May 7 Inconclusive Battle at Eltham's Landing Barhamsville
May 8 Confederate Triumph at McDowell
May 15 Confederate Victory at Drewry's Bluff
May 15-17 Confederate Victory at Princeton Courthouse
May 23 Confederate Victory at Front Royal
May 25 Confederate Triumph at Winchester
May 27 Union Victory at Hanover Court House
May 31-June 1 Inconclusive Battle at Seven Pines and the Seven Days Battles
Civil War Battles Timeline1862June TimelineJune 5 Union Victory at Tranter's Creek
June 6 Union Victory at Memphis
June 7-8 Union Victory at Chattanooga
June 8 Confederate Triumph Cross Keys
June 9 Confederate victory Port Republic
June 16 Confederate victory Secessionville
June 17 Union Triumph Saint Charles
June 21 Union victory Simmon's Bluff
June 25 Inconclusive Battle at Oak Grove French's Field
June 26 Union Victory at Beaver Dam Creek
June 27 Confederate Victory at Gaines' Mill / First Cold Harbor
June 27-28 Inconclusive Battle at Garnett's Farm
June 29 Inconclusive Battle at Savage's Station
June 30 Inconclusive Battle at White Oak Swamp
June 30 Inconclusive Battle at Glendale
June 30-July 1 Confederate Victory at Tampa
Civil War Battles Timeline1862July TimelineJuly 1 Union Victory at Malvern Hill
July 7 Union Victory at Hill's Plantation
July 13 Confederate Victory at Murfreesboro
Civil War Battles Timeline1862AugustAugust 5 Union Victory at Baton Rouge
August 6-9 Union Victory at Kirksville
August 9 Confederate Victory at Cedar Mountain
August 11 Confederate Triumph at Independence
August 15-16 Confederate Victory at Lone Jack
August 20-22 Union Victory at Fort Ridgely
August 22-25 Inconclusive Battle at Rappahannock Station
August 25-27 Confederate Triumph at Manassas Station Operations
August 28 Confederate Victory at Thoroughfare Gap
August 28-30 Confederate Triumph at Manassas Second / Second Bull Run
August 29-30 Confederate Victory at Richmond
Civil War Battles Timeline1862SeptemberSeptember 1 Inconclusive Battle at Chantilly
September 14-17 Confederate Victory at Munfordville
September 12-15 Confederate Victory at Harpers Ferry
Sept 14 Union Victory at South Mountain / Crampton Gap
September 17 Inconclusive
Battle of Antietam
September 19 Union Victory at Iuka
September 19-20 Confederate Victory at Shepherdstown
September 23 Union Triumph at Wood Lake
September 24-25 Union Victory at Sabine Pass
September 30 Confederate Victory at Newtonia
Civil War Battles Timeline1862OctoberOctober 1-3 Union Victory at St. John's Bluff
October 3-4 Union Victory at Corinth
October 4 Union Victory at Galveston
October 5 Union Victory at Hatchie's Bridge
October 8 Union Victory at Perryville
October 22 Union Triumph at Old Fort Wayne
October 27 Union Victory at Georgia Landing
Civil War Battles Timeline1862NovemberNovember 7 Confederate Victory at Clark's Mill
November 28 Confederate Victory at Cane Hill
Civil War Battles Timeline1862DecemberDecember 7 Confederate Victory at Hartsville
December 7 Union Victory at Prairie Grove / Fayetteville
December 11-15 Confederate Victory at Fredericksburg 
December 14 Union Victory at Kinston
December 16 Inconclusive Battle at White Hall
December 17 Union Triumph at Goldsborough Bridge
December 19 Confederate Victory at Jackson
December 26-29 Confederate Victory at Chickasaw Bayou
December 31 Confederate Victory at Parker's Cross Roads
Dec 31, 1862-Jan 2, 1863 Union Victory at Stones River

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1862 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1863 History Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline in 1863 are detailed in a timeline format on the following chart:

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1863 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline1863JanuaryJanuary 1 Confederate Victory at Galveston
January 8 Union Victory at Springfield
January 9-11 Confederate Victory at Hartville
January 9-11 Union Victory at Arkansas Post
January 29 Union Victory at Bear River / Massacre at Boa Ogoi
Civil War Battles Timeline1863FebruaryFebruary 3 Union Victory at Dover / Fort Donelson
February 28 Union USS Montauk destroys Confederate Privateer Rattlesnake
Civil War Battles Timeline1863MarchMarch 3 Confederate Victory at Fort McAllister I
March 5 Confederate Victory at Thompson's Station
March 13-15 Union Victory at Fort Anderson
March 17 Inconclusive Battle at Kelly's Ford / Kellysville
March 20 Union Triumph at Vaught's Hill / Milton
March 25 Confederate Victory at Brentwood
March 30-April 20 Inconclusive Battle at Washington
Civil War Battles Timeline1863April TimelineApril 7 Confederate Victory at Charleston Harbor / Fort Sumter
April 11-May 4 Inconclusive Battle at Suffolk
April 10 Union Victory at Franklin
April 12-13 Union Victory at Fort Bisland
April 13-15 Inconclusive Battle at Suffolk
April 14 Union Triumph at Irish Bend
April 17 Union Victory at Vermillion Bayou
April 26 Union Victory at Cape Girardeau
April 29 Confederate Victory at Grand Gulf
April 29-May 1 Confederate Triumph at Snyder's Bluff
April 30-May 6 Confederate Victory at Chancellorsville
Civil War Battles Timeline1863May TimelineMay 1 Union Victory at Port Gibson
May 1-2 Confederate Victory at Chalk Bluff
May 3 Union Victory at Fredericksburg II
May 3-4 Confederate Victory at Salem Church
May 12 Union Victory at Raymond
May 14 Union Triumph at Jackson
May 16 Union Victory at Champion Hill
May 17 Union Victory at Big Black River Bridge
May 18-July 4 Union Victory at Vicksburg
May 21 Union Victory at Plains Store
May 21-July 9 Union Victory at Port Hudson
Civil War Battles Timeline1863June TimelineJune 7 Union Triumph at Milliken's Bend
June 9 Inconclusive Battle at of Brandy Station
June 17 Inconclusive Battle at Aldie
June 17-19 Inconclusive Battle at Middleburg
June 13-15 Confederate Victory at Winchester Second
June 20-21 Union Victory at LaFourche Crossing
June 21 Inconclusive Battle at Upperville
June 24-26 Union Victory at Hoover's Gap
June 28 Union Triumph at Donaldsonville
June 29–30 Inconclusive Battle at Goodrich's Landing
June 30 Inconclusive Battle at Hanover
Civil War Battles Timeline1863July TimelineJuly 3: Battle of Gettysburg
July 4: Siege of Vicksburg
July 1-2 Union Victory at Cabin Creek
July 4 Union Victory at Helena
July 6-16 Inconclusive Battle at Williamsport
July 8 Inconclusive Battle at Boonsboro
July 9 Confederate Victory at Corydon
July 10-11 Confederate Triumph at Fort Wagner
July 16 Inconclusive Battle at Grimball's Landing
July 12-13 Confederate Victory at Kock's Plantation
July 17 Union Victory at Honey Springs
July 19 Union Triumph at Buffington Island
July 23 Inconclusive Battle at Manassas Gap
July 24-25 Union Victory at Big Mound
July 26 Union Victory at Salineville
July 26 Union Victory at Dead Buffalo Lake
July 28 Union Victory at Stony Lake
Civil War Battles Timeline1863AugustBombardment of Fort Sumter starts and continues on until December
Aug 17-Aug 23 Inconclusive Battle at Fort Sumter
August 21 Union Victory at Chattanooga
August 21 Confederate Victory at Lawrence
Civil War Battles Timeline1863SeptemberSeptember 3-5 Union Victory at Whitestone Hill
September 1 Union Victory at Devil's Backbone
September 7-8 Confederate Victory at Charleston Harbor
September 8 Confederate Victory at Sabine Pass II
September 10 Union Victory at Bayou Fourche
September 18-20 Confederate Victory at Chickamauga
September 22 Union Triumph at Blountsville
September 29 Confederate Victory at Stirling's Plantation
Civil War Battles Timeline1863OctoberOctober 6 Confederate Victory at Baxter Springs
October 10 Union Victory at Blue Springs
October 13 Inconclusive Battle at Auburn
October 14 Union Victory at Bristoe Station
October 14 Inconclusive Battle at Auburn / Coffee Hill
October 16-18 Union Triumph at Fort Brooke
October 19 Confederate Victory at Buckland Mills
October 25 Union Victory at Pine Bluff
October 28-29 Union Victory at Wauhatchie
Civil War Battles Timeline1863NovemberNovember 3 Union Victory at Collierville
November 6 Union Victory at Droop Mountain
November 7 Union Victory at Rappahannock Station
November 16 Union Triumph at Campbell's Station
November 23-25 Union Victory at Chattanooga
November 27 Confederate Victory at Ringgold Gap
Nov 27-Dec 2 Inconclusive Battle at Mine Run
November 29 Union Victory at Fort Sanders
Civil War Battles Timeline1863DecemberDecember 14 Confederate Victory at Bean's Station
December 29 Union Triumph at Mossy Creek

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1863 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline
The info about the Civil War Battles Timeline provides interesting facts and important information about this important event that occured during the presidency of the 16th President of the United States of America.


Presidential Seal


Civil War Battles Timeline: 1864 History Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline in 1864 are detailed in a timeline format on the following chart:

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1864 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline1864JanuaryJanuary 17 Confederate Victory at Dandridge
January 26 Union Triumph at Athens
January 27 Union Victory at Fair Garden
Civil War Battles Timeline1864FebruaryFebruary 6-7 Inconclusive Battle at Morton's Ford
February 13 Union Victory at Middle Boggy Depot
February 14-20 Union Victory at Meridian
February 20 Confederate Triumph at Olustee
February 22 Confederate Victory at Okolona
February 22-27 Confederate Victory at Dalton
Civil War Battles Timeline1864MarchMarch 14 Union Victory at Fort DeRussy
March 25 Confederate Victory at Paducah
Civil War Battles Timeline1864April TimelineApril 3-4 Union Victory at Elkin's Ferry Okolona
April 8 Confederate Victory at Mansfield
April 9 Union Victory at Pleasant Hill
April 9-13 Union Victory at Prairie D'Ane
April 12 Confederate Triumph at Fort Pillow
April 12-13 Union Victory at Blair's Landing
April 17-20 Confederate Victory at Plymouth
April 18 Confederate Victory at Poison Spring
April 23 Union Triumph at Monett's Ferry
April 25 Confederate Victory at Marks' Mills
April 30 Union Victory at Jenkins' Ferry
Civil War Battles Timeline1864May TimelineMay 4 Union Victory at Day's Gap
May 5 Inconclusive Battle at Albemarle Sound
May 5-7 Inconclusive Battle at Wilderness
May 6-7 Union Victory at Port Walthall Junction
May 7-13 Union Triumph at Battle at Rocky Face Ridge
May 8-21 Inconclusive Battle at Spotsylvania Court House
May 9 Union Victory at Cloyd's Mountain
May 9 Inconclusive Battle at Swift Creek
May 10 Inconclusive Battle at Chester Station
May 10 Inconclusive Battle at Cove Mountain
May 11 Union Victory at Yellow Tavern
May 12-16 Confederate Victory at Proctor's Creek
May 13-15 Inconclusive Battle at Resaca
May 15 Confederate Victory at New Market
May 16 Union Triumph at Mansura
May 17 Confederate delay tactic at Adairsville
May 18 Union Victory at Yellow Bayou
May 20 Confederate Victory at Ware Bottom Church
May 23-26 Inconclusive Battle at North Anna
May 24 Union Triumph at Wilson's Wharf
May 25-26 Confederate Victory at New Hope Church
May 26-June 1 Union Victory at Dallas
May 27 Confederate Triumph at Pickett's Mills
May 28 Inconclusive Battle at Haw's Shop
May 28-30 Inconclusive Battle at Totopotomoy Creek
May 30 Union Victory at Old Church
May 31-June 12 Confederate Victory at Second Cold Harbor
Civil War Battles Timeline1864June TimelineJune 15: Nine month siege of Petersburg begins
June 5-6 Union Victory at Piedmont
June 6 Union Victory at Old River Lake
June 9-July 3 Union Victory at Marietta
June 9 Confederate Victory at Petersburg
June 10 Confederate Victory at Brices Cross Roads
June 11-12 Confederate Victory at Trevilian Station
June 11-12 Union Triumph at Cynthiana
June 15-18 Confederate Victory at Assault on Petersburg
June 17-18 Confederate Victory at Lynchburg
June 21-24 Union Victory at Jerusalem Plank Road / First Battle at of Weldon
June 22 Union Victory at Kolb's Farm
June 24 Inconclusive Battle at Saint Mary's Church
June 25 Confederate Victory at Staunton River
June 27 Confederate Victory at Kennesaw Mountain
June 28 Confederate Triumph at Sappony Church
June 29 Confederate Victory at Ream's Station
Civil War Battles Timeline1864July TimelineJuly 9 Confederate Victory at Monocacy
July 14-15 Union Victory at Tupelo
July 17-18 Confederate Victory at Cool Spring
July 20 Union Victory at Peachtree Creek
July 20 Union Triumph at Rutherford's Farm
July 22 Union Victory at Atlanta
July 24 Confederate Victory at Kernstown Second
July 27-29 Confederate Victory at Deep Bottom I
July 28 Union Triumph at Ezra Church
July 28-29 Union Victory at Killdeer Mountain
July 30 Confederate Victory at Crater
Civil War Battles Timeline1864AugustAugust 1 Inconclusive Battle at Folck's Mill
August 5-7 Inconclusive Battle at Utoy Creek
August 5, 1864: The Battle of Mobile Bay
August 7 Union Victory at Moorefield
August 13-20 Confederate Victory at Deep Bottom II
August 14-15 Union Victory at Dalton II
August 16 Inconclusive Battle at Guard Hill
August 18-21 Union Triumph at Globe Tavern
August 20 Confederate Victory at Lovejoy's Station
August 21 Inconclusive Battle at Summit Point
August 21 Confederate Victory at Memphis
August 25 Confederate Triumph at Ream's Station
August 25-29 Inconclusive Battle at Smithfield Crossing
August 31–September 1 Union Victory at Jonesborough
Civil War Battles Timeline1864SeptemberSeptember 2: Atlanta is captured by Sherman's Army.
September 3-4 Inconclusive Battle at Berryville
September 10-11 Union Victory at Davis' Cross Roads
September 19 Union Victory at Opequon
September 21-22 Union Victory at Fisher's Hill
September 27 Union Triumph at Fort Davidson
September 29-30 Union Victory at Chaffin's Farm
September 30 Union Victory at Peebles' Farm
Civil War Battles Timeline1864OctoberOctober 2 Confederate Victory at Saltville
October 5 Union Victory at Allatoona
October 7 Union Victory at Darbytown
October 9 Union Victory at Tom's Brook
October 13 Confederate Victory at Darbytown Road
October 15 Confederate Triumph at Glasgow
October 19 Confederate Victory at Lexington
October 19 Union Victory at Cedar Creek
October 21 Confederate Victory at Little Blue River
October 22 Confederate Triumph at Independence
October 22-23 Union Victory at Byram's Ford
October 23 Union Victory at Westport
October 25 Union Victory at Marmiton River
October 25 Union Triumph at Mine Creek
October 25 Union Victory at Marais des Cygnes
October 26-29 Union Victory at Decatur Alabama
October 28 Union Victory at Newtonia
October 27-28 Confederate Victory at Fair Oaks
Civil War Battles Timeline1864NovemberNovember 4-5 Confederate Victory at Johnsonville
November 11-13 Confederate Victory at Bull's Gap
November 24-29 Confederate Victory at Columbia
November 29 Union Victory at Spring Hill
November 30 Union Triumph at Franklin
November 22 Union Victory at Griswoldville
November 28 Inconclusive Battle at Buck Head Creek
November 30 Confederate Victory at Honey Hill
November 29-30 Union Victory at Sand Creek
Civil War Battles Timeline1864DecemberDecember 4 Union Victory at Waynesborough
December 5-7 Union Victory at Murfreesboro
December 7-27 Confederate Victory at Fort Fisher
December 13 Union Victory at Fort McAllister II
December 15-16 Union Triumph at Nashville
December 17-18 Union Victory at Marion
December 20-21 Union Victory at Saltville

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1864 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1865 History Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline in 1865 are detailed in a timeline format on the following chart:

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1865 History Timeline Chart

Civil War Battles Timeline1865JanuaryJanuary 13-15 Union Victory at Fort Fisher
Civil War Battles Timeline1865FebruaryFebruary 3 Union Victory at Rivers' Bridge
February 5-7 Union Victory at Hatcher's Run
February 12-22 Union Victory at Wilmington
Civil War Battles Timeline1865MarchMarch 2 Union Victory at Waynesboro
March 6 Confederate Victory at Natural Bridge
March 7-10 Union Triumph at Wyse Fork
March 10 Inconclusive Battle at Monroe's Cross Roads
March 16 Inconclusive Battle at Averasborough
March 19-21 Union Victory at Bentonville
March 25 Union Victory at Fort Stedman
March 27-April 8 Union Triumph at Spanish Fort
March 29 Union Victory at Lewis's Farm
March 31 Union gained ground White Oak Road
Civil War Battles Timeline1865April TimelineApril 1 Union Victory at Five Forks
April 2 Union Victory at Ebenezer Church
April 2 Union Triumph at Hill's Plantation
April 2 Union Victory at Petersburg
April 2 Union Victory at Sutherland's Station
April 3 Inconclusive Battle at Namozine Church
April 5 Inconclusive Battle at Amelia Springs
April 6 Union Victory at Sailor's Creek
April 6 Union Victory at Rice's Station
April 6-7 Inconclusive Battle at High Bridge
April 7 Confederate Victory at Cumberland Church
April 8 Union Triumph at Appomattox Station
April 8 Union Victory at Spanish Fort
April 9 Union Victory at Fort Blakely Alabama

April 9: General Robert E. Lee surrenders his Confederate Army to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia

Civil War Battles Timeline: 1865 History Timeline

Civil War Battles Timeline - President Abraham Lincoln Video
The article on the Civil War Battles Timeline provides an overview of the war that divided the nation. The following Abraham Lincoln video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 16th American President whose presidency spanned from March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865.




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