Civil War Battles


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Civil War Battles
There were more than 10,000 Civil War Battles, conflicts and skirmishes. Most were small military actions and only a relatively few Civil War Battles were big affairs such as the battles at Vicksburg, Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg. The biggest number of Civil War Battles took place in Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri respectively. The first battle of the Civil War was at
Fort Sumter in April 1861 and the bitter, bloody battles continued until April 9, 1865 when General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confederate Army to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

Civil War Battles
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th American President who served in office from March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865. This article provides facts and information about the major Civil War Battles.


Civil War Battles Facts
The article on the Civil War Battles Facts provides interesting fast stats and facts about the battles of the Civil War. 

Civil War Map: The Theaters of War
The Civil War Map defines the Three Theaters of the Civil War - the Trans-Mississippi, the Western Theater and the Eastern Theater. These were the principle regions where the major battles of the Civil War took place.

Civil War Battles: The Anaconda Plan
The Anaconda Plan was the
military strategy adopted by the Union forces. The objective of the Anaconda Plan was to establish a full naval Union Blockade around the coast of the Southern States.

Civil War Map

The Civil War: Major Civil War Battles
In depth articles providing details of the major battles and battlefields of the conflict. Find details of the battles, the generals, the dates and the results of all the famous and major battlefields. Also refer to the Civil War Sitemap for details of the history of the conflict and Civil War weapons, inventions and uniforms.


Major Civil War Battles

Battle of GettysburgGettysburg: The deadly Civil War battle that saw the beginning of the end for the Confederacy
Attack on Fort SumterFort Sumter: The Confederate attack on Fort Sumter started the Civil War
Battle of Bull RunBull Run: First and Second Bull Run Battles at Manassas
Battle of AntietamAntietam: The Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest single day battle in US history.
Battle of Fort DonelsonFort Donelson and Fort Henry: Facts and info about the early battles at these famous forts
Battle of ChancellorsvilleChancellorsville: Clash of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Union "Stonewall" Jackson
Battle of ShilohShiloh: The forces of Ulysses S. Grant were attacked by General Johnston of the Confederacy
Battle of FredericksburgFredericksburg: Nearly 17,000 men would die on that brutal battlefield .
Battle of VicksburgVicksburg: The Siege of Vicksburg was fought via trench warfare
Battle of New OrleansNew Orleans: Lower Mississippi lost to the Confederates after defeat at the Battle of  New Orleans
Battle of ChickamaugaChickamauga: General Rosecrans was defeated and forced to retreat
Battle of ChattanoogaChattanooga: The Battle of Chattanooga was fought due to access to the railroad


Major Civil War Battles

Civil War Battles Timeline
The Civil War Battles Timeline provides comprehensive facts about the dates and results of the major conflicts fought by soldiers of the Confederacy and the Union during the American Civil war (1861-1865).

Civil War Battles: The Battlefields
The Civil War Battlefields provides stats and facts about the locations of the major battlefields and the battles that were fought in each of the states and territories during the conflict. It is provides details of the number of battles fought in each of the states each year of the conflict.


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Major Civil War Battles
Find details of the major battles, the generals, the dates and the results of all the famous and major battlefields.


Major Civil War Battles

Battle of AtlantaAtlanta: General Hood forced to abandoned the people of Atlanta to save his army.
Battle of the WildernessWilderness: The Battlefield was a dense forest known as the Wilderness.
Seven Days BattlesThe Six Battles of the Seven Days were fought from from June 25, 1862 to July 1, 1862
Battle of NashvilleNashville: Two-day battle was the end of large-scale battles in the Western Theater of the Civil War
Siege of PetersburgPetersburg: The bloody and brutal trench warfare of the Siege of Petersburg
Battle of Mobile BayNaval Conflict: Admiral Farragut and his fleet attack the defenses of Mobile Bay
Battle of CorinthCorinth: Battle of Corinth was was strategically important because it was where two railroads met.
Battle of PerryvillePerryville: The end of the Kentucky Campaign in 1862.
Battle of Stones RiverMurfreesboro: The Battle of Stones River, one of the few Civil War Battles fought in the winter
Battle of Cold HarborSlaughter of the Civil War when the dead and dying were left to suffer at the Battle of Cold Harbor
Battle of Appomattox Court HouseGeneral Robert E. Lee is trapped by General Sheridan at Battle of Appomattox Court House
Surrender of AppomattoxThe History and Terms of Lee's Surrender at Appomattox

Major Civil War Battles

Civil War Battles - President Abraham Lincoln Video
The article on the Civil War Battles provides an overview of the conflict that divided the nation. The following Abraham Lincoln video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 16th American President whose presidency spanned from March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865.




Civil War Battles
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